Selecting your first province

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Example 1, See text
Startup shows the world from a very high level. You can click individual provinces to begin your investigation of the best place to locate.

After world generation you must select your initial province. You start with a very high overview of the vast continent. Individual provinces on the map are selectable but tiny. When a province is selected, an information box will present information about that province. Each province is different, so choose carefully. In example 1, the province selected for examination has a yellow outline, and its information box reveals:

  • A description of the land. You can always zoom in to the micro level for close-in examination with your mouse wheel.
  • Fertility of the land: Farms do better when built on more fertile ground. Some, like cabbage, require higher fertility to even grow. This number is an average for the province. If you wheel in and drill down, you will see fertility often varies widely across all provinces.
  • Flatness
  • Temperature Range
  • Epidemiologic charactaristics
  • Coal can be found (which could be seen without selecting the province by the tiny basket of coal drawn on the province; other tiny baskets indicate areas able to produce grapes, cannabis, dye, iron, cotton, and more) - and how much.
  • It also tells us how much stone can be found.
  • the base income the province will contribute to the Kingdom Treasury
  • the defendability of the parcel and
  • finally, the cost.

After selecting your first province, you zoom into it and place your Level One Town Hall to begin.