Level One Town Hall

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The Level 1 Town Hall starts your town with 18 citizens, 14 of them are looking for a job, but there aren't any yet. Nor are there any construction requests. So all 14 are Laborers. These numbers will automatically update and be superimposed on our Town Hall as time progresses.

You only get one Town Hall, but it has five "levels" reflecting the growth of your expanding Kingdom.

Each game/colony starts with selecting your first province. Make a plan to expand, then decide where to place your Town Hall. As with all buildings placed on the map, you can use your R key to rotate the building's orientation before you plant it. Think ahead - where do you want your main roads to be?

Town Halls are large - the building itself is 12x12 surrounded by a 1 tile dirt road on all four sides. In addition, it comes with a 4x12 storage yard immediately across one of the dirt roads. It is created with a dozen and a half homeless, hungry workers and their families, so your strategic goal is to create a source of food, and five houses for them to crowd into, pronto.

Before you can begin, you get to choose a couple of cards to get your city started.

Your citizens will starve unless you can scratch up a living from the native flora and fauna, and the initial colonists need five houses just for crowded living. You will have to direct them to harvest the surrounding natural resources in order to construct your initial buildings.

Your Town Hall also has a "slot" where a global card card can be inserted, providing improvement in a type of building's performance or some other Kingdom-wide benefit. You'll get one slot per level as your Town Hall grows.

When you are ready, you can upgrade to Level Two Town Hall but it will cost 200 gold pieces.