World generation

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Settings menu before generating the world and starting the game.

Before each game begins, a player must generate a new world.

The map seed can be randomized and any of the parameters can be adjusted before generation, giving players a unique map for each new game.

Map Size dictates the size and number of claimable territories, as well as the number of players allowed on the map.

  • Small Maps can have 4 or less players at once.
  • Medium Maps can have 9 or less players at once.
  • Large Maps can have 16 or less players at once.

The player may additionally change other settings which will impact the way the world is generated including:

  • Sea Level
  • Moisture
  • Temperature
  • Mountain Density
  • Number of AI Players
  • Difficulty

Once your world is generated, start the game and you will start with a 50-thousand foot overview of the world. Zoom in with the middle mouse wheel and plant your colony.