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The Tailor Building.
Tailor building options and upgrades.
Building Cost
Resource Amount Needed
WoodResource.JPG 120
StoneResource.JPG 100
IronBarResource.JPG 30

Created by Tailor Card. The Tailor requires 8 level 3+ houses to unlock. (See Housing Tech Tree).

The tailor allows for the production of Clothes, a tier-2 luxury resource required to upgrade houses. An addition production choice of Fashionable clothes, a tier-3 luxury resource, is available at the tailor as well. The tailor has 4 different production options available from the dropdown menu:

The Tailor can be upgraded with the following:

  • Weaving Machine (154 Iron Bars): +100% productivity.
  • Tailor Town (72 Iron Bars): Gain +25/50/75 productivity if this city has 2/4/8 Tailors.