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New games introduce players to the card system by presenting a free card upon initial placement of the Town Hall.

The first two cards are "free" but after that, most cards cost gold pieces. The exact amount varies.

Upon placing your Town Hall, you will choose one from this list:

  • Wheat Seeds - unlocks Farming wheat. If you do not select this card, it is returned to the deck, where you will get another chance to acquire it. The Farming system can also be unlocked several other ways.
  • Investment Card - If you do not select this card, you will not get the chance to select it again.
  • Trading Post Card - unlocks the Trade system in Kingdoms Reborn. This card is returned to the deck. The Trade system can also be unlocked several other ways.

Thus, all new Kingdoms start with either Farming or Trade but not both.

After selecting a first card, players must select a second.

Next, you'll choose one from a second list:

After these first two cards, additional cards can be purchased from the collection of cards that refreshes every cycle (two cycles per season). The collection rotates through the following:

Additional cards are added to the deck as the Kingdom hits certain milestones. For example, once the 8th Level One House has been built, Furniture Workshops are added into the deck.