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Welcome to the Kingdoms Reborn Wiki.

Kindoms Reborn was published on Steam in "early access" form, after three years of development, on November 5, 2020. The publisher's website, with info on how to purchase the game, is Pun is the moniker of the developer, he checks in regularly on the Kingdoms Reborn Discord channel as the game is in active development.

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Game Synopsis

You are presented a vast world map. It highlights areas of known mineral wealth, notable agricultural regions, jungles, plains and river systems. Seven other embryonic "Kingdoms" have been planted already throughout the world. You are the eighth and final player to choose your home ground.

Starting with a Town Hall, you set about creating a colony. It's citizens follow your directions to build homes, workshops, fishing docks, lumberyards and a network of roads in between. You choose which products your colony will export, and which it will import.

As leader of the colony, you will have to find the fine balance between investment, jobs, resources and foreign relations to grow your Kingdom to lead the free world.

And, of course, the more efficient your colony, the faster it will develop: efficiency is about how far your citizens have to move between jobs, and how quickly they can do it. A mid-game upgrade, for example, is to make your dirt roads paved with stone - the pavement reduces commute times so output goes up. Many colonies develop with multiple separated villages; others into one great urban center. Your guidance determines the outcome.

!!! Early Access Warnings !!!

  • This game just came out on Early Access and you might want to wait a bit before jumping in.
  • AI players are very primitive, so please ignore them. The game's main challenge is currently just the resource management. (to be improved soon)
  • The game can slow down when population grows to 300+ especially on high game speed. (to be improved soon)
  • The game is not yet designed to be played at max speed. If you play Banished at x10 speed, you might want to wait for further development.
  • There are no military units. In this game, you battle with influence points in an auction-like system.

Clever Multi-player features

Up to 8 players can create a game, play, save the game-in-progress, and restore and continue playing the game later.