Influence Points

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Tooltip describing Influence and how colony growth interacts with your rate of influence gain.

Influence Points InfluenceCurrency.JPG are a type of currency unlocked through the Housing Tech Tree. Influence points will not be available as a resource until your colony has 12 level 1 houses.

Influence Points are earned passively per round. Factors that increase how much influence is gained per round including:

  • Townhall default passive influence (+20 InfluenceCurrency.JPG per round.)
  • Population: Influence gained increases with population.
  • Luxury Consumption: Influenced gained increases with the number and type of Luxury Resources consumed in houses.
  • Archer Barracks: Consume Wood to increase InfluenceCurrency.JPG gained per round (See Archer Barracks Card.)

Other factors can reduce the amount of Influence earned per round:

  • Territory Upkeep: Purchasing territory with Food, Gold, or Influence InfluenceCurrency.JPG will reduce the gain of influence of your colony, scaling with the number of territories claimed.
  • Flat-Land Border Province Upkeep
  • Too Much Stored Influence: Storing too many influence points will reduce the amount earned, make sure to spend them.

The Maximum amount of influence InfluenceCurrency.JPG stored scales with the level of your Townhall, as well as your population and luxury consumption within houses.