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To harvest resources, click the pick-and-axe icon and select what kind of material you want to extract from the popup. Then click-and-drag your mouse to select the area where you want citizens to harvest resources.

The rolling terrains, soaring mountains and even the harsh deserts of your world are rich with resources - wildlife provide pelts and meat, trees provide fruits and nuts. You will have to take some steps to gather these resources to ensure your population never starves.

You harvest resources using the Pick-and-Axe icon in your.

Simple Gathering - Rocks and Trees The first, and simplest harvesting is done when you order trees to be cut for ]]wood]], or natural stone outcrops to be sorted into building materials and stored. Access the Pick-and-Axe icon at the screen's bottom, then click-and-drag the map to select terrain you want worked. Your citizens will add it to their list of things to-do, and your resource inventories, once hauled to one of your Storage yards, start to add up. Sometimes your laborers will haul materials directly to construction sites, bypassing your yards. That's okay; it's more efficient.

Complex Gathering Once constructed, your citizens will take jobs at Fruit Stands to pull Orange from surrounding woodlands and at Hunting Lodges where all your citizens will be able to enjoy the pounds of meat and pelts they offer. Trees are a renewable resource if you have a Forester built.

By placing a fruit stand and hunting camp next to each other in fertile forest and upgrading each facility, your Kingdom will benefit from a synergistic boost that means more food on more tables back in the industrial and population centers.

Stockpiles As resources are harvested, then gathered and moved to where they are needed or can be stored, other citizens will handle moving things to where they are needed. Many buildings and upgrades will consume wood and stone, and citizens eat the food. So far in game development anyway, citizens consider all food types equal.

A typical game stars with creating many Storage Areas in early stages, then demolishing them