Furniture Workshop

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These two Furniture Workshops show off their whirling saw blades from two different angles.

Costing 80 gold pieces, the Furniture Workshop Card is added to the deck as the first Housing Tech Tree benefit.

A Furniture Workshop operating panel, fully upgraded and sporting a Frugality Book card


The Furniture Workshop turns wood into furniture. Once you select your location and play your card, citizens will need 50 wood and 20 stone for construction. One operating, It costs 8 gold pieces per cycle to convert wood into furniture, which can be sold in trade or used to upgrade houses.


  • Upgrade More Workers, 100 gold pieces to add a third job
  • Upgrade Minimalism, 200 gold pieces to reduce wood consumption 30%
  • Upgrade Furniture Town, 12 stone to gain a bonus for multiple Furniture Workshops

Set Deliver Target - in later stages of the games, logistics can be a challenge. This producer has the ability to have its output shipped to a particular warehouse, perhaps close to your Trade Port.