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The card deck beckons gamblers from the bottom right of the user interface.

Your Kingdom's economy is its lifeblood, and it will need your guidance to build it right.

You will choose when and where to construct facilities to produce goods, turn goods into more valuable goods, sell goods for consumption, ship goods to foreign lands for fat profits, and, of course, provide accomodations for the simulated people who will be working for you.

Much of what you need to construct along the way will require a playing card to be spent (among other things) in construction. You will get these playing cards over the course of the game, sometimes at your request and sometimes for other reasons.

At the beginning of the game, you are given two chances to pick one of three cards to get started. These are free. After that, cards cost gold pieces.

The deck patiently beckons from the lower left side of the user interface, its smile as sincere as any deck of cards. It deals out five or six cards: you choose to spend the Kingdom's gold pieces buying from none to all of them. The cards you purchase go into your own hand, always displayed along the bottom of the user interface, where you can either choose to turn them back in (for a full refund of gold pieces) or actually play them on the map, where that card disappears forever.

If you don't like the cards you're dealt, a new deal is available for free every game cycle (twice per season). For a small fee, you can get a new deal before the end of the cycle, a useful but sometimes expensive way to chase a particular rarer card.

In multiplayer, each player can only see their own hand of cards.