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The Beekeeper Building Options.

The Beekeeper Building is created by the Beekeeper Card.

The Beekeeper Building is an agriculture building that costs 50 wood and 50 stone to construct. Once built and worked, the <Beekeeper> will produce honey and beeswax. Honey will contribute to overall food total of your colony, or can be sold. Beeswax is a required material for Candlemakers to produce candles, a tier 2 Luxury resource for homes. The efficiency percentage of Beekeepers is determined by the amount of surrounding trees within the buildings blue sphere of influence.

The Beekeeper has 2 total worker slots, requires a 14 gold upkeep per round, and can be upgraded with:

  • Intensive Care (26 Brick): +30% production bonus when worker slots are full.
  • Knowledge Sharing (53 Paper): Gain +50/100/150 productivity if this city has 2/4/8 Beekeepers.