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Two bakeries in a row, taking advantage of the multiple-bakery bonus. Smells good!

Created by Bakery Card.

Using either wood or coal as a fuel source for the ovens, coal being more efficient, Bakeries turn wheat flour into bread, producing two or three jobs. Bread will contribute to the overall food total of your colony and can be sold in trade.

The Bakery building options.

Wood-fired ovens cook bread faster and lock in more nutrients, good for a 30% increase in productivity. Unlike heating houses, wood and coal are used at equal rates in Bakeries.

Bakeries have a total of 2 worker slots, require a 10 gold upkeep per round, and can be upgraded with:

  • Improved Ovens (41 Stone): +10% Productivity.
  • Baker Guild (36 Paper): Gain +15/30/45 productivity if this city has 2/4/8 bakeries.

At full staff, a bakery will turn out three batches of bread per season.